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I have a route,

<from uri="a">
<to uri="validator:schema.xsd">
<to uri="b">

Say the XML file being validated is missing two elements, the validator seems to stop once it finds the first missing element and returns a message saying it was missing.

Is it possible to carry on validating the XML file to look for any other missing elements and return that in the error message so the sender doesn't have to keep sending to find out which elements are missing or invalid?

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I suggest to google about javax.xml.validation.Validator and see what properties and options it has for turning such functionality on|off. As well run with DEBUG level at org.apache.camel.processor.validation as Camel DEBUG every warn/error/fatal reported by the validator. Though the thrown exception is constructed to return the list of errors/warns. So are you sure you only see 1 and not all errors? –  Claus Ibsen Feb 15 '13 at 15:42

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