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I was just trying to use DataSource from apache commons-dbcp.jar. For that I just downloaded one of their example. So far so good. Example stand as (this)

// Here are the dbcp-specific classes.
 // Note that they are only used in the setupDataSource
// method. In normal use, your classes interact
// only with the standard JDBC API
  import org.apache.commons.pool2.ObjectPool;
  import org.apache.commons.pool2.impl.GenericObjectPool;
  import org.apache.commons.dbcp2.ConnectionFactory;
  import org.apache.commons.dbcp2.PoolingDataSource;
  import org.apache.commons.dbcp2.PoolableConnectionFactory;
  import org.apache.commons.dbcp2.DriverManagerConnectionFactory;

Nothing is wrong in that except for instead of importing from

     import org.apache.commons.pool

they have imported from

     import org.apache.commons.pool2

Well, it took me minutes,adding and readding the required jar, before I could figure out they have actually imported different package name from what they have provided in jar.

Well, I'm still puzzled, is it just a mistake or some intentional mysterious reason(in which case I'll like to know and that is the question).

Expert comment from apache-commons please?

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did you get this working? –  John Dec 5 '13 at 14:37
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The apache commons team is working on a 2.0 release. More information can be found on the road map: http://wiki.apache.org/commons/PoolRoadMap .

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