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I have a folder models for model files. Each file contain one model. There are a lot of relations between models (hasMany, belongsTo). If I want to set hasMany relation then I need to have child model already defined otherwise I get an error:

Error: assertion failed: The first argument DS.belongsTo must be a model type or string, like DS.belongsTo(App.Person)

Because the model (App.Person in case of upper example) has not defined yet.

Here is one of the relation definition:

App.Seat = DS.Model.extend(
  number: DS.attr('number')
  tour: DS.belongsTo(App.Tour)

The models folder included like this:

//= require_tree ./models

I know the solution to define all the models (or at least which have relationships with each other) in one file.

Question: is there any other solution that allow to keep all the models in separate files?

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I found a pretty simple solution: define all relation not as an object (ex. App.Tour):

App.Seat = DS.Model.extend(
  number: DS.attr('number')
  tour: DS.belongsTo(App.Tour) # <<<<<<<<<<<============ ***here***

but as a string (ex. "App.Tour") so just put it in quotes:

App.Seat = DS.Model.extend(
      number: DS.attr('number')
      tour: DS.belongsTo("App.Tour") # <<<<<<<<<<<============ ***here***

I think that this "workaround" is because of javascript limitation.

UPDATED: Using strings is preferred by ember.js

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Yup, it's preferred to be defined as string since revision 5 – MilkyWayJoe Feb 15 '13 at 18:49
I did that guided by tests and there are used not strings. – freemanoid Feb 15 '13 at 19:27

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