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If my understanding is correct: * Classes compile into obj files. * Libs are collections of obj files.

What are .res files? Are they like libs, or is there a difference?

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Resource files. Rather than containing executable code they contain static resources like strings or images. –  Joe Feb 15 '13 at 15:55

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.res files are compiled Windows resources (just like .obj are compiled C++ source code). They contain bitmaps, icons, etc.

In particular, the C++Builder IDE will automatically maintain a .res file containing the application icon and version info that you've set up under Project -> Options -> Application and Project -> Options -> Version Info.

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.res files are compiled resource scripts (.rc) Can be edited with: http://www.resedit.net/

More on resource scripts: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Windows_Programming/Resource_Scripts

Here is a list of common resources:

Drop-down Menus

Popup Menus

Text Strings

Keyboard Accelerators (keypress combinations, such as [Ctrl]+[C] to copy text)


Bitmap Images

Dialog Boxes

Version information

Mouse Cursors

How to write a resource script: http://mirrors.zoreil.com/webclub.kcom.ne.jp/ma/colinp/win32/resources/script.html

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