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I wrote a command to iterate a certain operation over all the files in a folder. It works perfectly from shel on a linux machine but I cannot make it working on a windows machine....and I need to make it working on a Windows one. The command looks like this:

ls |grep -v _output| while read file; do ..\..\..\program.exe [option] ..\..\input_file "$file" > "$file"_output; done

I get errors with ls and while and grep. Any suggestion is very welcome!


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ls, while, and grep are not natively supported by Windows. I would suggest installing Cygwin; if that's not an option, the machines you need to run this on may have PowerShell installed.

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That's true...I didn't know how to avoid that. Thank you. –  Gabelins Feb 15 '13 at 16:51

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