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I've written a load of technical documentation in Markdown. I chose to use this for versioning and so we can view in on GitHub.

We now need to share this with external users (who aren't as comfortable with Markdown), so I would like to convert it to PDF.

Gimli seems to be the best tool I have found for the conversion (it uses the same stylesheet as GitHub so it looks the same), however it doesn't convert the links as well. Is there anything that'll also do this?

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I don't know with which type of links you have problems (inline links, reference links, HTML links, image links, automatic links...), but you can try to use Pandoc:

pandoc *.md -o result.pdf

This will convert all files with the *.md file extension to a single pdf.

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It doesn't work for internal links, but it seems to be the best tool so far. Thanks. – Luca Spiller Apr 29 '13 at 14:18

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