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I've develop a chat server using Twisted framework in Python. It works fine with a Telnet client. But when I use my flash client problem appear...

(the flash client work find with my old php chat server, I rewrote the server in python to gain performance)

The connexion is establish between the flash client and the twisted server: XMLSocket .onConnect return TRUE. So it's not a problem of permission with the policy file.

I'm not able to send any message from Flash clien with XMLSOCket function send(), nothing is receive on th server side. I tried to end those message with '\n' or '\n\0' or '\0' without succes.

You have any clue?

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Changing LineOnlyReceiver.delimiter is a pretty bad idea, since that changes the delivery for all instances of LineOnlyReceiver (unless they've changed it themselves on a subclass or on the instance). If you ever happen to use any such code, it will probably break.

You should change delimiter by setting it on your LineOnlyReceiver subclass, since it's your subclass that has this requirement.

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I find out that the default delimiter for line, use by Twisted is '\r\n'. It can be overwrite in a your children class with:

LineOnlyReceiver.delimiter = '\n'

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