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Anyone have any idea where I can get a good collapsible (and stay open when selected) vertical menu for an asp.net mvc project?

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Superfish! Very flexible and you can easily set it up with asp.net mvc.

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Checkout the 10 best jquery menu plugins guide

My favorites?

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Liked iPod-style menu very much. Thanks! –  Alexander Prokofyev Sep 29 '09 at 4:30

Have you tried looking at the plugins at http://jquery.com/?

There are heaps and heaps of good menus etc there.

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Here's a great Asp.net iPod-style menu which I use for my clients. Uses jQuery and loads the sitemeap with Ajax. It doesn't have re-sizing problems, is permenenatly visible and always shows the current navigation level in the viewport, which makes it much more practical for real world projects. http://dotnetipodmenu.com/

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