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I am trying to allow users to search through their own friends by email address. I'd like to do something like:


and have it return an array of current users friends that have that email address.

So I have a very basic friendship relationship set up on my user model

has_many :friendships
has_many :friends, through: :friendships, source: :friend
has_many :inverse_friendships, class_name: 'Friendship', foreign_key: 'friend_id'
has_many :inverse_friends, through: :inverse_friendships, source: :user

belongs_to :friend, class_name: 'User', foreign_key: 'friend_id'
belongs_to :user

I want to set up a method on my user model that can search through their friends by email address. It's not working so well

def search(query)
  conditions = ['friends.user_id = ? AND email LIKE ? ', self.id, "%#{query}%"]

I guess I'm just not sure how to format my active record query / SQL here, since I am trying to search on the relations of a self referential model. Any one have any ideas?


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Digital Cake is going in the right direction, but not exactly correct. A scope is a method of User, not user. What you need is:

def followers_by_email(email) 
   friends.where("email like ?", "%#{email}%")

This returns an ActiveRecord::Relation to which you can chain other conditions, order, paginate, etc as in

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this totally works, and obviously it should. I tried this and must have had some type or something that I didn't notice because it worked flawlessly when i tried it again. –  goddamnyouryan Feb 17 '13 at 22:16
yes, i also had a typo in the word typo above. –  goddamnyouryan Mar 16 '13 at 0:40

Good time to use active record scopes. http://guides.rubyonrails.org/active_record_querying.html#scopes

Heres a simple example


scope :followers, friends.where(:published => true).order("created_at DESC").limit(150)

in your controller

@followers = User.followers
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I seem to have some success with:

conditions = ['contacts.user_id = ? AND users.email LIKE ? ', self.id, "%#{query}%"]

Though it's strange that it works, I'm not entirely sure why it does.

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