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I'm developing a project in Visual Studio 2012 with some other developers. In my project, every one is connected together with TFS 2012.

I'm writing a lot of unit-tests that testing the classes on my project.

In a perfect world, I wish to:

  1. Run all my unit tests every night. It's will be nice if I could control the scheduling (e.g. on Sunday run X tests and on Monday run Y tests).
  2. Getting report every day of which tests failed/passed. It would be nice to get an email sent to me.
  3. Browse running history: view the running history of specific test.

Is that possible?

I've already viewed the solution "Run tests after build" and found it ineffective. It's bothersome that after each [build -> build solution] it's starts to run 100+ unit-tests.

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I would suggest you use something like TeamCity, this is Continuous integration Services, this will be build run test every time you check in,

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Jenkins is a continuous build machine, which it sounds like would meet your needs. You may have to intall some plugins, but it can do what you are talking abotu

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