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Hy guys! I have written this, but doesn't work well, it's irritating me. I tried to find the solution but I didn't find the any errors in it.

    private string binaris_decimalis(string binaris_szam)
        char[] binaris_karakterek = binaris_szam.ToCharArray();

        int decimalis_szam_int = 0;
        string decimalis_szam;

        for (int szam = 0; binaris_karakterek.Length > szam; szam++)
            decimalis_szam_int = decimalis_szam_int * 2 + Convert.ToInt32(binaris_karakterek[szam]);

        decimalis_szam = Convert.ToString(decimalis_szam_int);

        return decimalis_szam;

Used like this:

    private void valtas_2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        binaris_szam_2 = binaris_2.Text.Split('.');

        for (int szam = 0; 4 > szam; szam++)
            decimalis_szam_2[szam] = binaris_decimalis(binaris_szam_2[szam]);

        decimalis_2.Text = decimalis_szam_2[0] + "." + decimalis_szam_2[1] + "." + decimalis_szam_2[2] + "." + decimalis_szam_2[3];

binaris_szam_2 and decimalis_szam2 is declarated as public string[]:

string[] binaris_szam_2 = new string[4];
string[] decimalis_szam_2 = new string[4];

The text input looks like:


The text output should looks like:

But the output is:


I would be grateful if someone could help me!

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The core problem is the Convert.ToInt32 on your char values. These won't represent "0" or "1", but the char integer representations of them -- that is "48" and "49" respectively completely throwing off the math. Regardless, Luis Tellez's answer is far simpler to use. – Chris Sinclair Feb 15 '13 at 17:11
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I dont know whats wrong with your code but you can do this directly with c#.

Convert.ToInt32("10000000", 2).ToString(); // output  128
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I didn't know this function of Convert.ToInt32, thanks for your assistance! – Fábián Attila Feb 15 '13 at 17:25

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