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I used thinking-sphinx (and flying-sphinx on Heroku) and mySQL in Rails 3 app. Now that I migrated to PostgreSQL, I would like to know:

  • Do I need thinking-sphinx or I can implement all thinking-sphinx functions on PostgreSQL?

  • What thinking-sphinx can do that I can't with PostgreSQL, since the latter supports full-text search as well?

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PostgreSQL does support fulltext search indexing, but Sphinx is faster. It's a few years old, but you can check out my presentation Full Text Search In PostgreSQL in which I compare several solutions.

Advantages of using PostgreSQL FTS:

  • It's built-in, no need to run another technology.
  • The index is automatically in sync with your data, no need to import data to the index periodically.
  • Much easier to support incremental updates.

Advantages of using Sphinx Search:

  • Better bottom-line query performance.
  • Somewhat easier to understand indexing.
  • Offloads search traffic from the RDBMS, so you can scale more easily in theory.
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Thanks a lot for the link. The summary is very nice as well. I am very interested in your opinion about performance of PostgreSQL today, as its proponents say it improves performance very quickly after each release. – AdamNYC Feb 15 '13 at 17:40
@AdamNYC, good question, I agree it's worth doing some tests with the current version, but I don't have PostgreSQL installed right now. – Bill Karwin Feb 15 '13 at 17:55
Thanks Bill. I'll use thinking-sphinx with PostgreSQL for now, since I already have it in place. – AdamNYC Feb 15 '13 at 18:15

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