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For some reason my pinky finger likes to keep the shift key down a bit longer than I normally like. So I end up typing STring.Empty quite a bit. Visual studio helpfully converts that to string.Empty which is not the desired behavior. I would much rather it be converted to String.Empty. Notice the differences in capitalization.

I am quite aware that string is simply an alias for String; so this boils down to a simple personal preference on how things are color coded in the IDE.

Is there a way I can tell visual studio to always auto correct to String instead of to the alias? This could save me an untold number of times pressing the back button on a daily basis.

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The IDE will only "auto-correct" to types is knows are valid in the current scope. string is always valid, but String is only valid if you've referenced the System namespace with a using directive. If you did reference System then VS 2012 will "auto-correct" to String, not string--which has been my experience.

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System is referenced at the top, but string is still defaulted. –  Chris Lively Feb 15 '13 at 17:52
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