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I am declaring an array as such

var positions = [];


var positions = new array();

either way works

Later in the script a value is added as such

positions[0].top = 0;

Everything is fine in every browser except ie7 gets this error

Error: Unable to set value of the property 'top': object is null or undefined

Is there another way that I should populate the arra in ie7?

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You want the javascript function push(). You should be doing it like this across the board.

  var positions = ["something", "somethign else"];
  positions.push("something new");

.top is a property of most dom elements I believe, but not appropriate for this array.

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You're trying to add an object value instead of pushing to an array. If you're trying to use an array, then you'll need to use .push():

var positions = [];

So, in the code above, value will be available at positions[0] and value2 will be available at positions[1].

However, if you're trying to create an object that you can access like so:


Then you'll need to instead create an object:

var positions = {};
    positions.top = 0;
    positions.bottom = 20;
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