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I've been working on a very simple python/tkinter script (a .pyw file) and I'd like to change it's application icon (the 'file' icon shown at the explorer window and the start/all programs window, for example - not the 'file type' icon nor the main window of the app icon) and the taskbar icon (the icon shown at the taskbar when the application is minimized). Is it possible to change them or is it something only doable when you effectively install an application through an .exe?

This little app is supposed to run on Windows XP / 7 machines only and it's in Python 2.7.3.

Thanks in advance!

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But the probleme is that it only replace the icon on the windows not on the taskbar. It's because the py file is executed from python interpreter so windows use his icon and not the tkinter icon.

You have to 'compile' it i think with py2exe, cx_Freeze, py2app ...


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