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i have a url link something like www.domain.com/1234.asp ; i want the source code behind the file 1234.asp

i can do this using java or even if i use the inspect element in google chrome.

But the problem is the link is not a web page but an image, so when i try to access the code using java i am not getting anything and chrome also does not show the code.

i want the asp code behind that image, how can i retrieve that ?

thanx for your help.

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Do you have access to the server? –  Andorbal Feb 15 '13 at 18:13

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ASP is not a language. It is a language wrapper. It puts some scripts and text into a file. The ASP file is EXECUTED on the server and all that downloads to your browser is TEXT!

For any ASP, PHP, JSP file that you browse to, it does not actually download the ASP file. It downloads the OUTPUT of EXECUTING the file. In your case an image.

The only way to get the original file is to either contact the owner of the server, download it with ftp if you own the server, hack the server, or try to reverse engineer it yourself.

Otherwise the source code is untouchable to you.

The server looks at the "file extension" of the incoming request. In this case ".asp". So what it does is it routes the request to an ASP handler, such as a .dll file or a cgi program, or however it is configured. Most ASP is via ISAPI on IIS. The ASP handler then executes the file, and sends the output back to the server which sends it back to the web-browser.

When a request for a .jpeg or .htm file is received by the server, it simply copies the whole file back to your browser.

Pages that are executed on the server, such as Asp and Php are called dynamic pages/content, while files that are simply copied back are called static pages/content.

To download any file without allowing dynamic translation to occur, use the Ftp protocol. However it is very unlikely that a web server will allow you to download the Asp files via Ftp without being properly authenticated.

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