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Are there any reference sample examples in c language using the PPB_ImageData in Google Native Client? I need to get the image data from the html canvas and process the image using a c-library.

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It looks like the formal SDK has several C++ examples that leverage PPB_ImageData. You should be able write a C++ NaCl app that calls into a C-based library pretty easily.

If you're set on using the C API (I am the same way), then you will have to work from the SDK documentation and understand how PPB_ImageData works. However, I have a C-based Native Client app that uses PPB_ImageData. The relevant source file is located here. Do a case-insensitive search for "imagedata" to find all the points of interest. Perhaps that will be useful to you.

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Can you suggest an example which works the best. I am a newbie to Native Client. –  user894795 Feb 17 '13 at 13:43

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