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Using custom C++ OCI wrappers, I can successful register a CQN C++ callback-based registration, but it appears that somehow the subscription is dropped right away, behind my back. I get no call back on simple DMLs. If I try to unregister that subscription, for which register() worked just fine, I get ORA-29970: Specified registration id does not exist.

I'm running this test on a Win7 (64-bit) box, running a local Oracle Server, and I connect with a C++ client app built against instantclient- that runs on that same machine.

  • I tried setting OCI_ATTR_SUBSCR_TIMEOUT explicitly to 0, to no avail.
  • I checked the job_queue_processes instance param to make sure it's not 0 (it's 1000).
  • Of course, the user/schema I'm connecting with has been granted CHANGE NOTIFICATION

I'm running out of ideas on this issue, and I would appreciate some insights on what else I could try or check.

I'm starting to wonder if CQN needs to be activated somehow. My DBA skills are close to nonexistent, this is a stock install of 11gR1 on Windows using the installer, with no special configurations or customization done at all.

Thanks, --DD

Update #1

A colleague successfully ran that same test, and he ran it using the server-provided oci.dll. I tried that (I build using instantclient, but forced the PATH at runtime: Path=D:\oracle\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\BIN;$(Path) in VS Property Page> Debugging> Environment), and indeed the CQN test works! We still haven't figured out whether the slight version difference between client and server, or using instantclient (the Light variant by the way) vs a full client vs a server install is the real culprit.

But it is bad news that a newer instantclient does not support CQN...

Update #2

I've tried all 6 combinations of instantclient Light (65 MB) or Normal (150 MB) in versions 12.2.0.(1|2|3).0 on Win64, and none of them worked. Haven't tested the Full Client yet, nor have we tested on Linux just yet.

Environment_var cqn_env = Environment::create(OCI_EVENTS + OCI_OBJECT);
Connection_var cqn_conn = Connection::logon2(...);
Subscription sub(cqn_conn, "cqn_test", OCI_SUBSCR_NAMESPACE_DBCHANGE);
sub.set<attr::SUBSCR_CALLBACK>( &cqn_callback_func );

try {
} catch (const OracleException& ex) {
    BOOST_REQUIRE(ex.error_code && *ex.error_code == 29972);
    cerr << "\nSKIPPED: test requires CHANGE NOTIFICATION privilege" << endl;
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