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I am customising module mod_muc_room and I would like to add a function that knows if the user is online but only providing the username. In the module I can find the function is_user_online:

is_user_online(JID, StateData) ->

LJID = jlib:jid_tolower(JID),

?DICT:is_key(LJID, StateData#state.users).

I understand I have to provide username, server, and resource. LJID, would be resulting to something like {"user", "myserver.com, "someid"}

I would like add a function that returns the same but providing only the "user" something like

User = "user",

is_member_online(User, StateData) ->

?DICT:is_key(User, StateData#state.users).

Can I have some advice on how to achieve this?

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You can use this to get the list of hosts:


Then use this to check if a user is online:

ejabberd_sm:get_user_resources(User, Host)

This will return an empty array if the user is offline.

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working just like expected –  Bran Gi Feb 15 '13 at 20:45
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