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So my website is located at but right now it is not displaying properly in IE8. I have added the following css where I used to have display:inline-block to try and compensate but it is not working:


Is there a quick hack to get my items to comply, or am I going to have to completely redo the style with float?

Does IE8 not respond to css on HTML5 elements like section,article, and nav?

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It seems that you are using html5 elements and in your css you are calling them as ex.

header div#header_left {float: left; width: 350px;} and so on. IE8 does not recognize these tags for the most part.

When I inspected the elements, what I saw was this. enter image description here

AS you can tell, IE8 is not even recognizing your css.

Suggestion: Use divs or get IE to recognize the tags (several answers here that show you how).

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After looking it up, I found that a lot of your HTML5 tags don't work well in IE 8. There's a simple way to shim IE8 so it recognizes those tags. You basically have short script that runs document.createElement on all the html5 tags you want to use.

Here's a link for the script and the css that goes with it.


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So that is just one of the problems, and it does not answer the question as to why it is happening. –  thatidiotguy Feb 15 '13 at 19:06
I've updated my answer. Hope it helps. –  raykendo Feb 15 '13 at 19:33

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