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Is it possible to exclude certain files from the TODO function in PhpStorm? For example, I'm using the highcharts javascript library. I don't want to see the few dozen or so TODO's they have marked mixed in with my own. I don't want to exclude this directory, because I still want to be able to view the files in a convenient manner.

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Yes, you can -- via custom scope that would include all but unwanted files/folders (Settings | Scopes) and then just choose it in TODO window.

Check these articles for details:

This functionality is available since v6 only.

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  1. In File > Settings > Scope add a new scope and make sure the files you like are green.
  2. Open TODO Tab View > Tool Windows > TODO (Alt + 6)
  3. In the top of TODOs click on Scope Based
  4. Below select your new scope from step 1 below Custom Local Scopes

enter image description here

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