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I have an 'add new thing' form that associates a 'user' to a 'thing'.

I'm using Twitter Bootstrap Typeahead to give a list of users as I type.
It works just fine, if a user is in the list, I can select it.

But if the user doesn't exist, I'd like to make a 'create new user' link appear.

So basically, I need some form of 'no matches' function somewhere in the .typeahead(). I can't work it out.

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Extend the the typeahead class:

var newusertext = 'New user';
var newuserlink = '/add/user/0';

$.fn.typeahead.Constructor.prototype.process = function (items) {
      var that = this

      items = $.grep(items, function (item) {
        return that.matcher(item)

      items = this.sorter(items)

      if (!items.length) {
         return this.rendernonmatch().show()

      return this.render(items.slice(0, this.options.items)).show()

$.fn.typeahead.Constructor.prototype.rendernonmatch = function () {
      var that = this
      var items = new Array();
      items = $(items).map(function (i, item) {
        i = $(that.options.item).attr('data-value', item)
        return i[0]
      return this

/* redirect to the registration page to add a new user */    
$.fn.typeahead.Constructor.prototype.updater = function (item) {
      if(item === newusertext){ window.location =  newuserlink; return}
      return item

See: http://bootply.com/66630

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