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How do I reference a field name that contains a dot in mustache template? For instance, if I have a view like

  "": "my value"

then how can I put my value into a template? Using {{}} doesn't work because mustache thinks the dot is part of the path, like there should be a "foo" that has a "bar".

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It would be easier to refactor the property to foo_bar. Not a solution? – Simon Smith Feb 18 '13 at 15:37

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You can't read a key with a . in it from Mustache. The Mustache spec dictates that . is used to split content names. Mustache provides a means of escaping but only for HTML content.

Mustache spec: interpolation

You will need to pre-process your data to make it usable in a Mustache template. How you do this will depend on how widespread the issue is.

I found a simple example to remap a property in JavaScript, written by Jon:

function rename(obj, oldName, newName) {
    if(!obj.hasOwnProperty(oldName)) {
        return false;

    obj[newName] = obj[oldName];
    delete obj[oldName];
    return true;

Source: Rename the keys… in an object

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