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I've been Googling around but have not found a definitive answer. Can I or will I be able to embed the Google Earth Plugin within a custom Windows 8 Metro application?

Our current application uses a WinForms WebBrowser to display the plugin, and I understand that WinForms will not be supported for Metro apps. Yes, we can run our current app on Windows 8 as a desktop application, but I am interested in a Metro app.

It looks like a XAML WebView might be what we need to display the plugin, but some of what I've read indicates that the plugin will not work within a Metro app because the browsing is "plugin free". Any confirmation/further explanation of this for custom Metro apps?


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The default browser control have no installed plugins but you could try to inherit from the control and add the needed extensions. – jwillmer Feb 15 '13 at 22:07

This is not possible as...

...the new Windows UI browsing experience doesn't support Microsoft ActiveX or any other binary extensibility.

See Plugins and ActiveX controls (Windows)

This is because the whole idea of the 'metro' version of IE is that it should only display, standards-based, plug-in free websites.

You can read more about the reasoning behind this and a fuller explanation of the new browser in this document.

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