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I'm sure there's something relatively obvious that I'm missing. Basically, these two queries return the exact same result despite the use of the $avg and $sum:1 functions, from what I understand the first query should return an average of the previously grouped row count?

   $match:{"accesstime" : {"$gte" : ISODate('2012-02-09T01:45:32.962Z') }}

   $match:{"requestModel.serviceName" : "ContentItem"}},    

   $unwind: "$requestModel.methodParams.ContentItemLoggingListModel.items"},


$group: {
$group: {
 _id: {
   year: "$_id.myYear",
   month: "$_id.myMonth",
   day: "$_id.myDay"}, 
   averagecount : {$avg : "$count"}}},  

   //{averagecount : {$sum: "$count"}}}***, -- Returns the same result*

 {$sort: {averagecount:-1}} 

Any assistance would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Your second $group is using the same _id terms as the first one, so you'll always have a single doc per _id. In that situation $avg is always going to equal $sum.

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