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I have scatterplot of data (x and y values). I want to calculate the weighted average and standard deviation as a function of X. For each one of my points I then want to calculate the number of standard deviations away each value is from the predicted. I am currently using the loess.sd function from the 'msir' package since it calculates the sd for me. Does anyone know how I can get the predicted sd for each data point? Or perhaps there is an alternative or better way to address this calculation? Thanks in advance.

My current code:

#... scatter plot of data
#loess +- 1 sd
std_loess = loess.sd(xy, nsigma =1,span=0.3)
# ... add weighted average to plot
# .... add weighted sd to plot
#.... get observed data points
# ... get expected value for each data point
obs = xy[,2]
# ... get predicted sd for each data point
expected = predict(std_loess$model,data.frame(xy))  
# ...get predicted sd for each data point

exp_sd = ??????????????????

# ...get predicted sd for each data point
sd_away = (obs - expected) / exp_sd
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Possibly (but untested in absence of data):

exp.fit = expected$fit
# ...get predicted sd for each data point
sd_away = (obs - exp.fit) / expected$se

The result of predict.loess is not a vector but that a list with multiple components and the predicted values are in the "fit" component.

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