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I am running a code with a large database on ubuntu using matlab and C++ through a mex function, when I run this code on my machine it runs fine with no errors. But when I run it on a remote unix machine by ssh into it , matlab always crashes giving me the segmentation violation error. If there were some issues in the mex file, the error should also be on my machine. Any suggestions? I use matlab 2012 on my machine while the remote machine uses matlab 2010.

Thanks, Eric

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Can you post some code to help us answer your question better? –  UpHelix Feb 15 '13 at 20:10

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strace can very likely help you and can be somewhat easier to use and understand than gdb. Simply prepend your Matlab exexcution command with strace -f and pipe the output to a file. In the trace look for any special behaviors up to he crash as e.g. Special file access, signals etc.

The -f switch enables strace to follow process forkings which matlab does a lot.

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There isn't a general reason I'm aware of why this would be happening, so it's probably a bug in your code (most likely related to the different environment of the remote machine, not the fact that you're sshing).

Try running the file in GDB and see where the segfault happens, as a first step to figuring it out.

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