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I'm currently working on a project, where i have to get the status of a packet (sent with DHL). I read about the DHL API, which return an XML, but somehow there are no good examples out there. I have found some code snippets, but i have no clue where to register for API Key's.

Have anyone some links or examples for me?

Best regards, Lukas

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Did you get anywhere with this as I have a similar issue:… – The Humble Rat Jun 3 '13 at 16:02
No, not really. I stopped the project as it was to work intensive as there are no good / real API's around there. – Lucè Brùlè Jun 4 '13 at 10:19
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There is also this PHP client that can be used to consume the DHL XML API. It can handle all the different services exposed by DHL.

This client does not rely or depend on any framework and it should be fairly easy to integrate with your own code. You can check the samples folder for example on how to use it.

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It is used to connect into DHL using the XML-PI to track shipments using the Air Way Bill. it can handle a single tracking number or as many as you feed into it (has been tested with 250 and other then taking a little time to run had no problems). automatically takes and breaks the array of tracking numbers into chunks and then sends the request to DHL making sure not to pass the max number that can be tracked per request then returns the results as a array.

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Hi, thank's for your answer. I already found that one, but it's not working properly as it contains bugs and it needs to authenticate with a username and password. Do you know where to get these? – Lucè Brùlè Feb 15 '13 at 20:46

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