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I have two strings - each string has many lines like the following:

string1 = "  DEFAULT-VLAN         | Manual "
string2 = "  1       DEFAULT-VLAN                     | Port-based No    No"

The first string I split into the following strings: "DEFAULT-VLAN", "|", "Manual"... Then I want to look up the ID ("1") in string2 for the vlanName ("DEFAULT-VLAN") from string1.

I use this code to find the correct substring:

vpos1, vpos2 = vlan:find("%d-%s-" .. vlanName .. "%s-|")

But vpos1 and vpos2 are nil; When the hyphen ("-") is deleted from the vlanName it is working.
Shouldn't Lua take care to escape the special characters in such strings? The string is handed over from my C++ application to Lua and there may be lots of special characters.
Is there an easy way to solve this?


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I presume in your code above, the "-" equates to 0 or more occurrences? If you need to match a hyphen, you need to escape it with %. –  Tebc Feb 15 '13 at 20:56
I don't want to match the hyphen - I normally don't know if there is a hyphen in the string. I want to match "1 DEFAULT-VLAN |" in string2 –  mspoerr Feb 15 '13 at 21:13

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Lua is not magic. All the expression "%d-%s-" .. vlanName .. "%s-|" does is concatenate some strings, producing a final string. It has no idea what that string is intended to be used for. Only string.find knows that, and it can't have any affect on how the parameter it is given will be used.

So yes, vlanName will be interpreted as a Lua pattern. And if you want to use special characters, you will need to escape them. I would suggest using string.gsub for that. It'd be something like this:

vlanName:gsub("[%-...]", "%%%0")

Where ... are any other characters you want to escape.

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Shouldn't Lua take care to escape the special characters in such strings?

How would Lua know you don't want special characters to have their special meaning in some places in not others?

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I wanted to match "1 DEFAULT-VLAN |" in string2, but unfortunately there is hyphen in "DEFAULT-VLAN" and therefore Lua handels it like a special caracter. Do I have to escape all special characters I may have in strings generated outside Lua? Is there an easy way to achieve this? –  mspoerr Feb 15 '13 at 21:09
You're passing Lua one string. Lua has no way of knowing where the parts of the string originated and that you want pattern matching to apply only to certain parts of the string. You'll have to escape the special characters in the parts where you don't want characters to have special meaning. In this case, you can do that with another regular expression on vlanName before adding it to your other pattern. –  Mud Feb 15 '13 at 21:24

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