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Say you're working in the console, and you delete a record where you have a

belongs_to :model :dependent => :destroy

where you didn't mean to, for example, and you end up deleting other records as a result of your error.

Is it possible to manually issue a command to rollback the database to the state before your console (or before the command), if you did not start with the -sandbox flag (because you meant to make permanent changes but accidentally made an error)?

In my particular environment, I use PostgreSQL.

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Not really, no. You don't mention what DBMS you are using but generally once the transaction has been committed or if the query was not wrapped in a transaction, immediately, then you cannot rollback or recover the data.

You should restore the lost data from a backup, if possible.

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Sorry about that; I updated the question–I'm using PostgreSQL. –  rcd Feb 16 '13 at 0:58

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