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I have written a really simply forum to integrate into a web app as I was struggling to find a lightweight and quick forum which allowed me to use my own authentication methods to decide who was or wasn't a valid users and which fitted into my application theme. Users are asking for the ability to subscribe to threads so they are notified of replies - what is the best way of doing this?

I could create a threads subscriptions table and enter a new row each time someone subscribes - this could involve lots of lookups for busy threads on every post and reply but would be pretty quick on new subscriptions with only one simple insert.

The other option I thought of was to have row per thread and to have a field where I can add (or read from) an array per thread which contains all the subscribed user id's. This strikes me as quicker for reading as there are less database calls (i.e. when a new reply has been made only one database call is needed to get all the user id's) but I think it might be slower for inserts when a new subscriber is added as I would have to find the row for the thread, get the existing array and then add the user id to the existing array.

A final option, very similar to the second one, would be to have a user subscription table where each row is a user id and then have an array of subscribed threads.

Which would be the best way? At the moment my only requirement is to email users on new posts and replies but in the future I may want to expand it to include the ability for users to list their subscribed threads etc like many mainstream forums do.

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In my opinion, your two options are good, except for the array thing. You can simply go for a table which contains a unique id for a thread and if a user hit a subscribe button it can be added with his id and the thread id. You can call it, subscription table.

I think array might come handy if a user started subscribing much more threads. It depends on how big your forum is going to be.

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