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I am working with FBX SDK 2013.3 and project on DirectX .

I need some basic knowledge,

Think that i have a cube, exported from Maya with .fbx extension, it has animation but problem isn't that now.

Now i need Load this .fbx file to DirectX, so indices,vertex positions must be handle.

I looked FBX SDK Documentations, Samples ( mostly ViewScene sample ) and i obtain some information.

const char* lFilename = ".\..\..\..\DuzZemin.fbx";  

/* Memory Management */
FbxManager* myManager = FbxManager::Create();

FbxIOSettings* ioSettings = FbxIOSettings::Create(myManager,IOSROOT);

// Importer
FbxImporter* myImporter = FbxImporter::Create(myManager,"");

if( !myImporter->Initialize(lFilename,-1,ioSettings))
    /* Error Handling */

/* Scene for Imported File */

FbxScene* myScene = FbxScene::Create(myManager,"My Scene");


    // Memory DeAllocation

FbxNode* rootNode = myScene->GetRootNode();

FbxMesh* myMesh = FbxMesh::Create(myScene,"");

int indexCount = myMesh->GetControlPointsCount();

and when build this code snippet, i am not getting any error. But in runtime ,

indexCount return with 0 value.

Do you see any wrong or missed requirement ?

Thanks for interest.

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Well you create a mesh, but you don't point it to a mesh in your scene. When i have loaded an .fbx file i create a mesh pointer and then go into my scene and grab the mesh. Consider this code.

FbxMesh* mesh;

FbxNode* node = myScene->GetRootNode()->GetChild(0);

//I want my mesh to be formed by triangles so i convert the mesh into triangles
FbxGeometryConverter lConverter(node->GetFbxManager());

mesh = node->GetMesh();

now you should be able to get a correct vertex count from your mesh, and be able to extract the vertices. NOTE: If your .fbx file consist of more than one mesh then you would need to iterate thru the scene untill you find the desired mesh.

Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot, i solved my problem on this way, i couldn't look posts for 5-6 days. But this answer is solution exactly. –  HamitEnes Mar 1 '13 at 19:03

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