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Are there files in the Linux filesystem that I could watch for changes on to monitor a process' status? In other words, is there a file that can be watched for fast process state change detection?

I would assume it'd be in the /proc directory, and what I'd like to do use use Node.js and the filesystem function fs.watch() to look for instant changes on a process' status. (Such as running, frozen, nonexistent, etc)

Is there a file that I can find a process' status in?

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The current process state can be found in /proc/$PID/stat. This is the third field from man proc:

  state %c    One character from the string "RSDZTW"  where
              R  is running, S is sleeping in an interrupt‐
              ible wait, D is  waiting  in  uninterruptible
              disk  sleep,  Z  is  zombie,  T  is traced or
              stopped (on a signal), and W is paging.

Whether you can use file system watch functions on it is another matter, as /proc files aren't real files, but rather handles that generate data on demand.

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It'll "work" (in that it won't fail), but it won't always work (in that it won't always do anything useful). –  duskwuff Feb 15 '13 at 22:04
...and in /proc/$PID/status - you could find the State human-readable. –  pce Feb 15 '13 at 22:11

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