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I am reconciling a group of text files, many of which have the exact same content. Using Sublime Text 2, I can diff these files in one of two ways (there may be more, I don't know)

  1. Open the two files, right-click on one, and select Diff with Tab....
  2. Without having any tabs open, right-click on the file in my folder structure on the sidebar and select Diff with File in Project..., from there I select the file to diff

For two files that contain the same content, option 1 flashes a message at the bottom indicating no difference. option 2 however opens a new diff results file, and indicates that the entire contents of file 2 should be replaced with file 1.

As an example here is the result of option 2 on some test files

    --- C:\path\to\test\file\a\test_b.txt 
    +++ C:\path\to\test\file\b\test_a.txt 
    @@ -1,8 +1,8 @@

Is this an issue with how I am using diff, i.e. am I misunderstanding what should be returned in a diff output?

What is the difference in option 1 and option 2 above in how Sublime Text 2 diff's the two files?

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Could this be because of the line endings (CR/LF) being altered by adding the file to the project?

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That is exactly what the issue was... Thanks for the suggestion – Hari Seldon Feb 19 '13 at 19:00

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