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Background: I'm making a portfolio site utilising both Swipe.js and Infinite Ajax Scroll (JQ).

Problem: When the content from extra pages is loaded into the current page, it is not processed by the already-loaded Swipe.js script. This means that the new content doesn't have it's mark-up changed (needed for the swipe functionality to work).

I think I need to get the Swipe.js script to fire after each page re-load. Would that fix it? Please explain this to me like I'm an 8yr old. JS is not a strong suit...

Demo: http://hatchcreative.co.nz/tomo

You can see that as the page loads new content, the buttons on either side of the sliders no longer work.

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Also - for bonus points - if anyone knows how to remove the #home/ #about bit from the url, you'd totally make my day! –  Tomo Feb 15 '13 at 22:15

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Yes you're right, after the images are loaded you have to create a new Swipe instance on these new elements (as they weren't there at the beginning, when the page was loaded).
Based on the docs of infinite scroll you can use onRenderComplete.

So you had your jQuery.ias constructor like this:

  // ... your settings...
  onRenderComplete: function(items) {
    $(items).each(function(index, element) {
      new Swipe(element);

This should work this way somehow, but I am not exactly sure; I haven't worked with these libraries yet.

After some more inspection of your code, I saw you had some inline click handler like: onclick='two.prev();return false;'.

You need to remove this and add your onclick handle in the same onRenderComplete function.

onRenderComplete: function(items) {
  var swipe;
  $(items).each(function(index, element) {
    swipe = new Swipe(element);

  // find tags with the class 'forward' inside the current element and add the handler
  $(element).find('.forward').on('click', function() {
  // ... also for previous

By the way: Usually you should provide a jsFiddle with your important code parts, so it's easier for us to get the problem, and the question is not getting obsolote when the linked page changes.

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