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What is the best way to get more performance out of third party COM component? We have a bottleneck issue with it we can't see to figure out a good solution for. The company no longer supports the API we use but we currently don't have a replacement for it. We consume this component via COM Interop in an ASP.NET app with a base class so it gets recreated each time we are loading a page that uses it. This is where we are running into performance problems since the component must login to its own DB each time and execute its processes. Since we don't have the source code for this component we have done some SQL Trace to see what SQL is being executed and when. From this we have determined it does a lazy loading when you access any of the properties. What we would like to do is keep this component cached so it doesn't have to be recreated each time we have to call the API from a page. We have put together a test app using ASP.NET System.Web.Cache for the component and seen some encouraging results. Is this the best way to handle this problem or is there a better way? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Instead of using the System.Web.Cache you could use the newer System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache class that was introduced with .NET 4.0 if this is the framework you are targeting. Other than that don't forget that the cache will be shared between all the users of your web application. If you want to have specific results per user you might consider storing those results into the ASP.NET Session.

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