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We're migrating our OpenERP installation from version 5.0 to 6.1, and we created several custom reports using the base_report_creator module in version 5.0. That module seems to have been removed in version 6.1, so is there an alternative? Are dashboards supposed to replace custom reports? If so, how do I see dashboards in the GTK client?

It looks like someone has started migrating it to version 6.1 on Google Project Hosting, but it doesn't seem to be finished. Is there anything else in progress, or should I start with that and try to finish the migration?

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Actually, the version on Google Project Hosting is almost perfect. I copied it to our branch of custom modules, and made some minor tweaks to get it working. The biggest hurdles were working around the access rule changes on the ir_values table, and implementing sorting and searching.

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