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I'm actually working in a university-related project where the users would generate the site's content (quite a lot of searcheable static pages), having at the same time a profile's page, that the other users could see.

As I work usually with WordPress, I though that I could make use of WordPress Multi User, but I found a bit difficult to modify the User Interface totally, which would be necessary for us, so we have the same look in the backend than in the frontend.

Do you know of some CMS who have an easily tweakable User Interface ? Maybe one which keep ideally separated the backend templates files from the processing stuff ?

There are some plugins to modify slightly the WP interface (they use the same CSS classes and IDs, with other attributes), but you are still under constraint because you should blatantly CSS hide a lot of things (not very elegant).

I'd like to theme the UI as freely as possible.

Thanks for your thoughs,

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Various wikis are fairly themable (depending on the exact model) and can support all sorts of things. Would that work?

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Thanks RCIX, that seems to be a pretty good idea. I found here a place to compare many of them. wikimatrix.org If anybody knows some of them able to have registration/profiles please don't hesitate to post it here. –  Peanuts Sep 29 '09 at 12:04
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My organization uses Cascade; it seems to work well for various departments. It's XML-based.

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Thanks Zian, Cascade looks pretty good and it seems to be priced reasonably. I was searching though for some Open Source software this time. –  Peanuts Sep 29 '09 at 12:07
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Usually when I am looking for a CMS, Drupal is my one-stop-shop. However, Drupal's theming engine is rather involved and has a learning-curve associated with it. Like Wordpress, if you don't specify theme it won't output a blank page - it will still render a page with the CMS's core output theme.

However, if you can override this (simply creating a blank file and registering that theme should stop the problem, as the template, although blank, will still be implemtented) then I would recommend Drupal over Joomla! or any other popular CMS out there.

If you need to modify the administration backend, this too is possible and supported with Drupal. The use of hooks adds even more flexibility.

If your project is going to be blog-based or in the blog format, then wordpress is your best bet. For everything else, Drupal has you covered.

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