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I have this extremely weired situation.

I built a wordpress site that is completely broken in IE.


A second site containing the first site in an IFRAME works just fine in IE ??? How can this be ? This is the containing iframe:

    <frameset rows="*">
        <frame frameborder=0 src="...." name="dot_tk_frame_content" scrolling="auto" noresize>

Will be happy for any enlightments. Thanks

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Any particular iE version, or all versions? –  Alohci Feb 16 '13 at 0:26
IE10 , Ie8... looks like all of them. this is the site php.is-best.net/?test=1 , and this one contains it in a frame: www.phpmethod.tk –  Ofer Feb 17 '13 at 20:01

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