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I sometimes get this error in my jwplayer: TypeError: non-native scope object

This means that one video out of multiple videos I have has failed to load. This makes it unreliable. My question is that is there a way to make it more reliable and permanently fix this error?

Below is code:


$key = $_GET['key'];
$i = $_GET['i'];
$v = $_GET['v'];

<div id="myElement-<?php echo $key.'-'.$i; ?>">Loading the player...

<script type="text/javascript">
jwplayer("myElement-<?php echo $key.'-'.$i; ?>").setup({
    file: "<?php echo 'VideoFiles/'.$v; ?>",
    width: 480,
    height: 270


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Make sure there are no spaces or '(' etc. in your filename. –  John Feb 15 '13 at 23:33
Also do you have a link to where you are having the issue? –  Ethan JWPlayer Feb 19 '13 at 2:26

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Could it possibly a firebug issue if you are using firefox with firebug enabled?, look HERE

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