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We design our service as such that we'll be creating a lot of Azure tables. The Azure portal only shows the cost related to the storage size. But is there any additional cost related to keeping a lot of tables ( AWS does charge per table ).

What we're hoping is the cost will be the same either we create 100,000 small Azure tables (say all combine to be 100G) vs 1 table with 100G.

Is this true?

Thanks. Tim

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afaik, it's just based on size and nothing to do with number of tables.

in addition to storage size, you have to factor in transaction cost and outbound traffic...

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The azure storage charges are related to the number of bytes stored, not the number of tables per se. Each table name does take up a miniscule amount of storage space (bytes), so there is technically a charge but even for that many it is negligible. Arguably this would be the same as the partition key name (i.e. 1 table, with 100k partitions would require the same space as 100k tables each with one partition)

It is explained here:

The formula is: 12 bytes + Len(TableName) * 2 bytes

So, assuming you used something like 'table000001', 'table000002', etc. the price for 100k tables would be something around $0.01 per month.

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