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I'm looking for a way to programatically get a list of controllers in a Kohana application.

Something like:

public function build_site_map(){
     $controllers = Kohana::get_controllers();

     echo '<ul>';
     foreach($controllers as $controller){
         echo '<li><a href="'.URL::base().$controller.'">'.$controller.'</a></li>';
     echo '</ul>';

I realize I could read the /application/classes/controllers/ directory, but I'm hoping there's an easier way.


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Getting a list of your controller files could be done with Kohana::list_files('classes/controller'). But as Michal already said, there isn't a 1:1 realtionships between controllers/actions and routes.

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I'm afraid there is no Kohana::get_controllers() method that you can easily call to get a a sitemap of sorts. This is because controllers are called dynamically, i.e. based on the request's URL and Routes configuration Kohana's checking whether a controller (and action) exist and then call them. Kohana does not keep record of all available controllers and actions that can be accessible.

Neither traversing the /application/classes/controllers directory and getting the list of all files would give you the desired result, because there are not only actions to be read (which can be fairly easily done with Reflection class), but there are also Routes which you have to take into account.

As you can see this is potentially very complex issue and one that cannot be simply answered with a snippet of code that can be pasted here.

If you decide to write a script that would actually create such a map, but you stumble into a problem on the way, we would be able to more helpful then otherwise this question is too open. Also, if you were to write it, I suggest you create it as a module that you would be able to include in any other projects and share it.

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Here my solution to get all the controllers and their actions. I use it to add permissions into our system https://github.com/open-classifieds/openclassifieds2/

 * get all the controllers and the actions that can be used
 * @return array 
public static function list_controllers()
    $list_controllers = array();

    $controllers = Kohana::list_files('classes/controller');

    foreach ($controllers as $controller) 
        $controller = basename($controller,'.php');
        $list_controllers[] = $controller;

        $class      = new ReflectionClass('Controller_Panel_'.$controller);
        $methods    = $class->getMethods();
        foreach ($methods as $obj => $val) 
            if (strpos( $val->name , 'action_') !== FALSE )
                $list_controllers[$controller][] = str_replace('action_', '', $val->name);

    return $list_controllers;
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