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I am trying to create a python script(but without results untill now) to return from a list of urls the urls that contain in source a word, in my case are two types of urls containing some of them

"var dle_act_lang   = ["Yes", "No", "Enter", "Cancel", "Save"];"

and some of them:

"var dle_act_lang   = ["Да", "Нет", "Ввод", "Отмена", "Сохранить"];"

The two lines are the words that i am searching for, not separate ones

Please can someone help me to create this script? All i want is to sort these urls by these two code lines!

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This is not Python. Python does not have a var keyword, or semicolons. Are you sure you're not looking for an answer in JavaScript or some other language? – abarnert Feb 16 '13 at 0:03
Now you've put the whole line of JavaScript (or whatever it is) inside a string. So does that mean you're trying to search for any pages that have exactly that line of JavaScript in them? Because if so, it's a bit simpler. – abarnert Feb 16 '13 at 1:10
@abarnert yes, this is what im trying to do! – Carmen Zippi Feb 16 '13 at 20:59

First, you have a bunch of URLs and you want to get the source for the pages they refer to:

urls = ['', '']
pages = {url: urllib2.urlopen(url).read() for url in urls}

Now, you want to find out which of them contains any word from dle_act_lang. One way to do that is to convert everything to sets and just use set intersection:

pagesets = {url: set(page.split()) for url, page in pages.iteritems()}
wordset = set(dle_act_lang)

matching_urls = [url for url, pageset in pagesets.iteritems() if wordset & pageset]

That's it.

However, while this answers the question you start off with, by the end of the question you seem to be asking for something completely different: "All i want is to sort these urls by these two code lines!" I don't know what you mean by "sort… by these two code lines", but whatever you mean, there's no sorting going on in what you asked for, or in this code.

From your later edit, it looks like you may be searching for a line of JavaScript code, like this:

"var dle_act_lang   = ["Yes", "No", "Enter", "Cancel", "Save"];"

So, don't need to create a wordset out of that and do wordset & pageset; just leave the JS code and the pages as pain old strings and use the in operator:

urls = ['', '']
pages = {url: urllib2.urlopen(url).read() for url in urls}
jscode = '''"var dle_act_lang   = ["Yes", "No", "Enter", "Cancel", "Save"];"'''
matching_urls = [url for url, pages in pages.iteritems() if jscode in page]

However, if these are actually complete lines, and there are a whole lot of them, instead of repeating that for each line of code you want to search for, you might want to use sets of lines instead of words, and go back to something like the first example I gave:

urls = ['', '']
pages = {url: urllib2.urlopen(url).read() for url in urls}
pagesets = {url: set(line.strip() for line in page.split('\n')) 
            for url, page in pages.iteritems()}
jscodeset = {'''"var dle_act_lang   = ["Yes", "No", "Enter", "Cancel", "Save"];"''',
             '''"var dle_act_lang   = ["Да", "Нет", "Ввод", "Отмена", "Сохранить"];"''']}
matching_urls = [url for url, pageset in pagesets.iteritems() if wordset & pageset]
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urls = ['', '', '', '']
words = ['book', 'play']

matches = []

for url in urls:
   for word in words:
      if word in url:

print matches  # <== ['', '']
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I don't think he wants to match the text of the URLs. First, he says "contain in source", presumably meaning the source of the page the URL is pointing to. And, while that may be ambiguous, he's also searching for things like "Yes", which are unlikely to appear in a URL but very likely to appear on a web page. – abarnert Feb 16 '13 at 0:16
Yes, the code from you "dlink" is searching only in the link! but i need to search in source code and after that to return the link – Carmen Zippi Feb 16 '13 at 0:54

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