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For controller_A's views, I currently use $this->element('repeatedly_used_html'); in the element folder for some .ctp files that are used more than once. However, some of the files in the element folder are entirely used for one controller, and the file are unorganized in the element folder.

So, for exmaple, controller_A has views that use files from the element folder. I would like these .ctp files for controller A's views to be contained in the app/views/A.. is there way to invoke a call similar to $this->element('repeatedly_used_html'); that will allow me to keep files the folder app/views/controller_A? I would like to avoid writing a very long .ctp file.

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maybe all you need is using subfolders in elements folder try this link for more info – Dygestor Feb 16 '13 at 0:53
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It looks like you're using CakePHP 1.3 based on your directory structure. If this is the case, you can do this by simply using the render() method instead of element(). This will render a template using the current view path (in this case, the controller you're in).

echo $this->render('repeatedly_used_html', false);

The second parameter is the layout, which we set to false to make sure the whole layout isn't rendered along with the view.

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Hey, jeremyharris, thanks. That works. I am wondering, however, what some of the differences are for the two methods. I have posted another question, if you're interested in answering or know the answer.… – musicliftsme Feb 18 '13 at 16:19
echo $this->element( 'subfoldername/viewfile' );

Then create the subfoldername directory in your elements folder.

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