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I'm trying to set up the Google HTML 5 "Grits" on Mac OS X.

When I get to Actually run locally I'm getting this error:

$ sudo node games-server/main.js $*
   info  - started
SERVERID: nKmXj1MfcULEx31vTlBtmz+u
checkConnection: POST http://localhost:9100/register-controller -> FAILED due to Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
Will call checkConnection again in 3.2 seconds

I'm new to node, is there something I need to do to start the server first before I run this command?

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I solved it:

You need to start app engine first: --skip_sdk_update_check --backends . $*

Then you can run the node command

node games-server/main.js $*

(I'm not sure why the wiki has them in the opposite order.)

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