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I'm guessing that I just don't understand Doctrine fully yet, but here's what I'm doing:

I have a create account form where the user enters in typical stuff (user, pass, email) and I'm taking the data and first creating an email object and persisting that into my database:

//  Create a new email object.
$email = new Entities\EmailAddress();

//  Persist the new email object.

Then I'm creating a user object and persisting that to the database:

//  Create a new user object.
$user = new Entities\User();

//  Persist the new user object.

The trouble starts with the $user->getEmailAddresses()->add($email); line (I was trying to follow an example, but I fear I'm no where close to doing this correctly).

The emails are defined as such in my User.php file:

 * @ORM\OneToMany(targetEntity="EmailAddress", mappedBy="user")
private $emails;

How can I add the recently persisted email object to my One-To-Many relationship $emails variable of my User.php class and persist the user to the database?

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You are close, but forget:


and replace it with




depends on mapping

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