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In what scenario does it make sense to put a hardware load-balancer in front of the apache servers that are running mod_cluster? Logically it seems like mod_cluster is doing all the load balancing. Is mod_cluster required if you're doing Jboss clustering?

Example Architecture (1) website www.foo.bar being served from: (4) Apache Servers Running mod_cluster (2) JBoss App Servers - 1 Cluster

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If you cluster with JBoss, you do not have to loadbalance with mod_cluster...You could use mod_jk, mod_proxy, or another software or hardware loadbalancer – jyore Feb 17 '13 at 15:02

Benefits of a load balancer:

  • If one server goes down, some use heartbeats and then do not send traffic to dead servers Downsides of clustering:
  • In clustering, if a component breaks down, it kills every server.

Benefits of a cluster:

  • More power to serve webpages
  • All on one disk

Downsides of a load balancer:

  • Costly hardware (or free software)
  • If the load balancer dies, everything dies.

Feel free to add to this answer.

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