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Is there there a way to edit files across multiple selections in vintage mode?

I hit cmd + D (this is under a Mac) to select instances of string in the file, but I can't figure out how edit the selections.

This is under Sublime Text 2.

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I haven't tested this on a Mac, but on Linux using CTRL-D puts you in visual mode. When you're in visual mode c allows you to change the highlighted text, putting you into insert mode much like vim would.

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I struggled to figure this out myself. I came to find that simply selecting a word with Ctrl+D and then pressing c isn't a complete solution. It will only select the first occurrence of a word. In order to select and change them all I have found that I need to execute the following sequence:

  • Place the cursor at the beginning of the desired word
  • Ctrl+D to highlight the word
  • Ctrl+F to open the Find box pre-populated with the desired word
  • Alt+Enter to select all of the matching words
  • c to make the changes
  • Esc to return to COMMAND MODE

There are several posts all over the Internet (including the documentation on the Sublime Text website) which states that pressing Alt+F3 will select all of the matching words. This does not work for me on openSUSE/KDE. Pressing Alt+F3 will instead open the window menu for minimizing, maximizing, etc. In fact, if you hover over the Find All button after opening the Find box it will display Alt-text indicating Alt+Enter.

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alt+enter will select ALL matches and put them in edit mode. it's an alternative to cltr+D which is meant to let you specify which matches you want to select. – Sonic Soul Jan 21 at 21:21

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