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I have an upcoming project that will require integration with Trizetto’s Facets solution. If anyone would happen to have any experience in this area and could help with the following questions it will be sincerely appreciated!

-In general what are the available options? Is there a BizTalk adapter? Do they offer an API, direct against the database, etc.

-If anyone has experience going directly against the database can you please share the challenges you may have experienced? For example was there a lot of business rules or otherwise that needed to be accounted for since the application was being bypassed. Is referential integrity handled by the database or the application?

Ive invested a considerable amount of time searching but information has been hard to come by. I have come across a integration offering that they have called FXI but cant find any specifics. Beyond that some code dumps from the MSDN Biztalk forums were pointing at Trizetto refereces which lead me to start searching in that direction. I see that BizTalk has both accelerators and adapters for HIPAA solutions but not a specific LOB Adapter for Facets.... and that about sums up what i have been able to find.

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You may want to look at Edifecs. They provided EDI integration software which many of their customers use for integration with Facets. The integration is done using translation to/from Facet keyword format.

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