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on Windows Platform, When I switch to another window,the Browser Will receive a WM_ACTIVATE message. Is there anyway to pass the WM_ACTIVATE message to the plugins? I have tried the NPP_HandleEvent,but it seems not work at all.

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For Windows NPP_HandleEvent() is used for windowless plugins only and they are windowed by default. So, unless you explicitly opted in for windowless, that would be the reason NPP_HandleEvent() is not getting called.

For windowed plugins, you need to subclass the plugin window to receive window messages (see e.g. Subclass() in Mozillas test plugin sources).

For windowless plugins (which should be preferred), WM_ACTIVATE is not delivered to the plugin.
Do you actually need to handle WM_ACTIVATE or do you need to know when the plugin is visible/focused? That can be determined by checking for 0-sized clip rects for NPP_SetWindow() and the focus events.
If you really need to know about window activation (why?), the next best thing i can think of would be listening to the focus DOM event on the window.

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If i switch to another tag,the plugin clipRect will be 0-sized for NPP_SetWindow(),but if I switch to another window,it's not 0-sized.My browser is safari in Mac OS X. – Magical Feb 18 '13 at 1:41
As i said, it signals visibility, not window focus. Usually knowing wether the plugin element is visible and focused should be enough. – Georg Fritzsche Feb 18 '13 at 14:41
(Also, it's possible that some browsers don't send all the visibility notifications they should). – Georg Fritzsche Feb 20 '13 at 12:14

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